Joseph,the G.M of global health and beauty Industry brand from UK,he has worked with us for a couple of years now.


Initially, he chose 3 suppliers to make samples. After receiving the samples, his team believed ours product was the best one, so he finally chose us.


He placed the order of 20,000 boxes.50days later,he received the boxes.He was very satisfied with our printing and quality.("It’s great to have a supplier like Zeal-X who understands and can meet our need for high quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging."He said. )


Now he has become one of our regular customers.




Shenzhen Zeal_X Packaging Ltd was founded in 2008 by a core team with over a decade's experience in packaging design and manufacture for clients spanning many industries including gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, tobacco, food, tea, healthcare products, clothing, tableware and toys. To date, Zeal_X Packaging is a leading supplier for more than 100 global luxury brands.